Thursday, November 9

pretty in pink entry # 2

ta daaaaa! my second pretty in pink contest entry - a basketweave scarf:

189_8955 (Medium)

i have no idea what it measures because i'm not that way inclined but i can tell you it's not as long as the scarf i normally wear. i didn't think it had to be. it's to be donated along with the puny tukey.

and, for good measure, here is rolo modeling the scarf:

189_8953 (Medium)


Alan said...

You should make a book of pictures of your cats wearing stuff you knit. It would be hilarious. See you on the New York Times Best Seller list!

nananabatman said...

you think so, eh? i don't think there's enough of a market for a book of our cats. could you imagine if there was though? i would be rich!